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Our philosophy

is to assure financial institution and investors that progress is being made commercial project. We are the intermediary between financial institutions and developers. We safeguard against possible misuse of funds and depart from industry standards.

Our Story

Brent Watkins originally established Pan Western Corporation in Scottsdale, Arizona. He branched out to Indianapolis, Indiana; Portland, Oregon; and Dallas, Texas. On his untimely death in 2012, Tawn Watkins, Brent's wife, acquires control and reorganize the company. In 2015, Tawn Watkin sold her company to her executive directors. They later disbanded in 2018. Monica Christenson is now in the process of preserving Brent's original vision with a new name, Pan Western & Company, "to provide superior SERVICE on projects of all sizes, while adhering to stringent QUALITY standards which creates VALUE for our clients"(Brent Watkins 2009).

Meet the Team